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  • 2020 has challenged all of us.

  • Success leaves clues...don’t reinvent the wheel!

  • Psychology impacts everything we do. 

  • We feel our best when we’re growing, learning, and collaborating with others. 

Accelerator Overview

Wellbeing @ Work Portal

As we head into an exceptionally challenging winter, many people are struggling and feeling frustrated.  This program is designed to share tools and strategies to navigate remote work, regain control, and cultivate wellbeing in the face of adversity. Focusing on wellness, productivity, and self-efficacy, this program is designed to support:

  • Individuals wanting to feel better, reclaim control, and discover how to share strategies with their families, clients, and community;

  • Teams looking to discover how to engage remotely, stay connected, and keep moving the dial on key projects;

  • Organizations committed to mitigating the effects of burnout, supporting resilience across the workforce, and continuing to drive innovation and engagement.


We learn best when it is timely, relevant, actionable, and fun.  Distilling key concepts into specific learnings:

  • Reading

  • Video    

  • Insights

  • Action / Activity

  • Reflection

  • Future planning

What we offer

Wellbeing boost

Free Community for everyone

This complimentary AIM Leadership course provides participants with the high level tools and strategies needed to regain control and cultivate wellbeing in a remote world.

Wellbeing at Work

Premium Access for $25/Month only

This affordable monthly offering from AIM Leadership is designed to provide individuals with a growing arsenal of tools and strategies to regain control and cultivate wellbeing in a remote world.

Wellbeing for Teams

Specialized Communities

This engagement is designed to help teams engage remotely, stay connected, and keep moving the dial on key projects in a remote world.  

Please send your to request to join the community!

Leading Through Wellbeing 

Exclusive Offers

This exclusive offer, reserved former AIM Leadership clients, is designed to help leaders cultivate wellbeing and adapt to today’s remote world. 

Please send your to request to join the community!

Dr. Camille Preston: Passion with a Punch

Camille is a business psychologist and the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership.—an executive leadership firm that works with leaders, teams, and organizations to align and optimize human capital to drive scalable and sustainable results.  Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, Preston has helped hundreds of leaders navigate the challenges of today's disrupted workplace.



She also helps teams work together more effectively by discovering how to map priorities, build trust, and optimize systems. Beyond her work at AIM Leadership, Preston partners with Blackhorn Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, and serves as part-time faculty at The Center for Creative Leadership. A recognized thought leader on leadership, virtual effectiveness, and team optimization, Camille is the author of two books, Rewired and Create More Flow, a regular contributor to Forbes, Psychology Today, Fast Company,and Thrive, and a sought-after keynote speaker. 

What Members are saying:

“Camille showed up with amazing and critical executive coaching at a crucial moment in my career. She challenged me to lift myself above the work that was eating my focus, and focus on the work that would truly drive impact. After working with Camille, I feel more in control. I own my work and decision-making process in a new way, and am delivering the powerful results.” 

-   Abe Murray, Product Manager, Verily  

“Camille brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and enthusiasm while maintain in a balance of realism. She broke through to an employee who had been deemed “non-coachable” and, on a different matter, offered sound advice regarding a major organizational change initiative. Her ability to actively listen and graciously share expertise was invaluable.”

-    Beth Banks, Director of Human Resources, Harvard  Kennedy School

“Working with Camille, you quickly find that she is a master at deep listening and is able to make connections between issues that might seem unrelated. She asks penetrating questions that drive understanding, insight, and greater awareness and brings a fresh perspective to familiar problems. She challenges your perspective while providing you with the science, theory, and conditions needed to enact meaningful change. ”

-    Brian Foster, Senior Business Advisor, Appian Corporation

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